Cody's Graduation

May 19, 2012
Class of 2012
Smyrna High School Bulldogs

My precious brother-in-law, Cody, graduated high school last month. I can't believe it. I've known this little boy since he was in the 3rd grade. As that little 3rd grader, I remember him bringing me roses to school on Valentine's Day. Seriously, he can be so sweet...even when he was so young. 

My sweet Cody, I wish you nothing but the best in the future. I know you will do wonderfully playing baseball in college. You've prepared since you were 4 to be a starter in college. You have this. 

I love you!

Update to the Chaos

This entire situation has been a whirlwind of events. It seems like everything has happened so fast. I will try to remember the order of events. I really need to start documenting these events in my life in a much, much better way. I have got to get better at keeping up with this blog. 

My last update was Friday, May 18th. On that day, I was feeling better so I thought things were turning around. 

Over the weekend we were at the boat, as usual. I had noticed that I was passing some large tissue clots. On Sunday, knowing my doctor was on vacation, I called the on-call doctor just to calm my worries. I should have known it wasn't normal. She wanted to see me first thing Monday morning. 

I went in Monday morning for additional blood work, another ultrasound, and an exam. Upon examination and ultrasound, it was determined that there was still tissue that needed to be removed immediately so that we wouldn't change spreading or additional regrowth. Of course I instantly became a brat and started crying. First, I was way out of my comfort zone. I was not meeting with my doctor. It would not be my doctor that I was so used to and had known for many years performing the surgery. In fact, I would be trusting a person I had known less than an hour. Scary thought for me.  Second, I was taken back by how fast this needed to happen. It needed to happen the very next morning. I remember asking the doctor if I will be well before Thursday night. You see, the brat and selfish part in me was more worried about Memorial Day weekend on the lake. Would I be able to go swimming? Would I be completely miserable like I was after the first surgery? I asked if the surgery could wait until the following week so I could have my doctor and wait out Memorial Day weekend. No dice though. She just wasn't having it. So, I was scheduled for surgery on Tuesday. 

I was amazed at how differently I felt Tuesday after waking up from the 2nd surgery. Not even 6 hours after the surgery, I was eating real food, unlike the week before and I was up moving around. I really felt like a new person. Something I hadn't felt in almost 2 months. I had some friends visit and bring me flowers Tuesday night. 

Thank you Rachael, Haley & sweet little Elijah for my flowers.

By Wednesday, aside from not being able to lift the TV and large float I had just bought from Sam's, I would have never guessed I had surgery the day before. Yes, I was still weak but I wasn't in any pain and I was in such a good mood.

The good feelings continued throughout the rest of the week.

On Thursday and Friday, I received the prettiest edible arrangement and flowers from some of my very good friends. I've said it before and I'll say it again; I've met some of the absolute best ladies on-line. Without them I know there is no way I would have made it through all of this mess. They have kept me somewhat sane and they have made me feel loved. More importantly, they have made me feel like I didn't go through this alone. I am beyond grateful for them.

I went for my follow-up the following week, (Thursday,  the 31st). I met with my doctor, had another exam and another beta done. My uterus is no longer enlarged so that's a good sign. My beta came back at 354 so we are rapidly decreasing which is an even better sign. The Monday before my first surgery (14th), my beta was almost 100,000. The Monday before my second surgery (the 21st) my beta was in the mid 3,000s. My doctor is very happy with how things are progressing this go around.

Since I can absolutely not get pregnant in the near future (at least 6 months), it was decided that I would begin birth control again. I've been on it for 2 weeks and I can officially say it's the devil. I hate it. I don't feel like "myself". I'm constantly tired, worn down, and have no energy. I get aggravated extremely easy and I feel like I'm constantly bloated. Let's not forget the awesome "breakthrough bleeding" that I've been experience for almost a week now. It's going to be a long 6 months on this crap.

This week I also started my weekly blood draws (I forgot to go last week..oops). I have to be monitored weekly until my betas return to 0 and then afterwards until my doctor feels it's safe to stop them.

I sincerely thank you all for your prayers and words of encouragement. I cannot tell you enough that they meant the world to me and still do. I will cherish everything that was said and sent to me. I love you all!


Happy Thursday!

I've got 4...yes, 4, posts in the making. I've started them all and saved them as drafts just so I won't forget what I need to tell you about. 

Get ready for Jenn Blog Overload. It's gonna be awesome!