**I got an award** :)

So, Heather over at Life With Drew gave me this fabulous award! You really should check her out. She's on her way to 2 under 2 and I'm sure baby #2 is going to be just as gorgeous as Drew! Not to mention, his blonde hair and blue eyes are to die for!
Thanks so much! Love ya tons!
So the deal is that once you get the award, you list 7 things about yourself and then pass the award on to 15 people (although I may cheat and do less than 15).

1. A fun fact: I weighed 12 pounds and was 2 feet long when I was born (via c-section).

2. Josh and I are debt freakin' free! Praise God (and Dave Ramsey)!

3. I secretly (well not so much anymore) wish I hadn't rushed so much to get my braces off last year. My teeth are getting crooked again although I'm sure they won't ever get as bad as they were.

4. I have an unhealthy relationship with Mountain Dew.

5. Speaking of caffeine, I blame my dad. He put Coke in my bottle when I was little and I plan on letting my children have caffeine too (but not in their bottle). Go ahead and judge me.

6. My dreams scare me. Sometimes I feel like I've already been through the things I'm going through in my dreams. Almost like my dreams are telling me my future. Weird, I know. I don't think I explained it right though so now I sound like a crazy lady.

7. I'm getting a boob job. :)


Hope is a belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one's life. Hope is the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best.

I thought I had lost all hope. After a year of trying to have a baby and not being successful, it is easily understood why one might lose hope.

My amazing husband bought th
is bracelet for me.It is exactly what I needed. I will wear this everyday as a reminder that I have to have hope. One day we will have a baby of our own.

It may be a tough journey and I may shed a ton of tears along the way but we will be parents, come hell or high water.


It's finally Fall

Well, today is the first day of Fall. So glad it's finally here! It's definitely welcome.
I can't wait to wear outfits like these. I've been missing my sweater dresses big time!

The dresses above are from Victoria's Secret

Now, if only the temperature would start to drop! I'm so tired of the 90+ degree weather. First, we had the major flood and now we are at more than 80 days of 90+ degrees. We need some relief. My poor grass is completely dead!

Come on Fall like weather!!!


Retail Therapy

I mentioned in my earlier post today that Josh and I did some retail therapy this past weekend. The last 2 weeks, we have done some serious bargain shopping. 2 weeks ago we got a brand new Wii Fit Plus normally $100 for $45. We also got a baby monitor that retails for $90-$100 for around $27 or so. We got these awesome deals at a liquidation outlet here in town. I love that place. The best part is the stuff is new! Nothing wrong with any of it.Our bargains continued this past weekend. I got 2 new pairs of shoes. The first, my Nine West "ugg" boots that I don't necessarily like but wanted a pair of if that makes any sense at all. They are so comfortable. This is the first pair of these things that I have owned because I swore to myself that I never would until I tried a pair of them on. I got them marked down for $19!

Now, this next shoe surprised Josh when I showed it to him. This is my first ever flat black shoe. He hasn't gotten used to the fact that I want to be all about comfort this year. I got these at Ross for $17. I love them! It did take me a couple months to find a pair of flat black shoes that I like because I've always been a heel girl. So this was a big deal for me.
Josh is all about Halloween. It is his favorite holiday if you want to call it that. He fell in love with these little guys last year and has talked about them all year. We decided that since we can't have kids of our own why not have Zombie babies. :)
Creepy little things, huh? Glad they will only be out for a month each year. This is only the beginning of the collection. We got the non-animated ones. There are like 10 more that do all kinds of animated things like turn their necks completely around.

We got some other things. I got some clothes but those things aren't nearly as cool or important as what I posted above. I mean jeans are jeans, right? :)

I do have to share what we made for dinner after our shopping adventures. These are on our new Halloween platters by the way. I told you Josh loves Halloween. We made chicken, shrimp, and pepper skewers marinated in Teriyaki and Lemon Pepper Sauce. They were so tasty! We also did some hamburgers. All of it was grilled!

And for good measure, the only 2 pictures that were taken on Labor Day weekend because my camera died.

Josh and Zoe, his parents dog. The guy in the background, DB, owns the boat next to his parents boat.

And me! Of course. :)


I started my period this morning as soon as I woke up. I really can't even muster up any feelings other than I feel numb and broken. Which, let me tell ya, may be the worse feelings that I can have. October will mean that we have been trying to have a child for a year. A freakin' year! It sucks that we will reach that part in our journey. It sucks that I feel cheated because I've only had half the chances that most women have had because I have long cycles. It sucks that I'll have to tell Josh that we've failed again and the one thing we want more than anything in this world, we can't even try for for another 2 months probably because my body sucks and enjoys having long cycles. It sucks that I'm sitting at my desk having to answer the phones and talk to clients and act like nothing is wrong when I really just want to go home, curl up in bed and cry.

I honestly thought we had a chance this cycle. We did everything right. We had perfect timing. We had hope. I think having hope is where we went wrong. It sucks that I have to say that. Everyone should have hope. I have hope for everyone except myself. It is so much easier to be a optimist for other people. Why is that? Why does life have to be so unfair? Why are there 15 year old teenagers that can get pregnant but I can't.

We will move onto the next step. We will carry on. We will do whatever it takes to have a child of our own.

I had a feeling this would happen. So this past weekend, Josh and I did some retail therapy. I will post all my awesome finds later tonight.

I apologize to my non-Bumpie friends who read this blog. This post was a bit TMI for you. I originally didn't want my blog to be about our trying to conceive journey because, let's face it, one would hope that it wouldn't hit the one year mark where doctor's code your records as "infertile" or "infertility testing". I am going to be changing the "About Me" section of this blog. Since we have reached this part in our journey, many things will begin happening including testing and I want to write about those things because there may be one person that stumbles across this blog and finds that what I wrote helpful. I feel like I can share my story so there will be more TMI posts to come. You have been warned.


Wishful Wednesday

It is such a gorgeous week here in Nashville. The weather has been phenomenal; almost unbelievable. I wish that the weather will continue to cooperate for a couple more weeks so that we can get all the beautiful weather in before it turns cold. I absolutely love this time of year. Ya know that time of year when it's not blazing hot but it's not cold enough that you'd want to be inside. I say it's perfect hoodie and bonfire weather at night! Now that makes me excited. There is nothing like sitting around the bonfire. Geez...now I gotta see about getting a bonfire together in the next few weeks.

I'm also excited that my older brother is staying with Josh and I for a few days. When I was little I would call him Bubba. I still do sometimes. :)

Brad and I at one of my 21st birthday parties.

I guess my Wishful Wednesday turned into an Excited Wednesday. Eh, whatever. It's my blog and I'll do what I want to. :)

Have a fabulous Wednesday!



Never Forgotten

For those that lost their lives, family members and friends, we will never forget.

For those that have served or are serving and for the family members of our military heroes, Thank You from the bottom of my heart. Your sacrifices are why the American Flag is still flying high.

This date in time will always be in our hearts.


Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for the wonderful support system that I have on TB. I have no idea where I would be without the ladies there. It is so nice to have people that know what I am going through or have been through the things that I have been through. Nice to know I'm not crazy sometimes and there are actually other people out there thinking the same things I am. :)
I love my fellow bumpies.

I am also thankful for milder weather. I love Spring and Fall and I am so glad that I can finally start pulling out my cute fall scarves, boots and lightweight long sleeve shirts.

What are you thankful for on this wonderful Thursday?


Wishful Wednesday

I'll take one of each please!

Dooney and Bourke
I absolutely love the red one. Someone should buy me 1 or all of them please and thank you.


Labor Day Weekend

Josh and I had a very eventful weekend.

The weekend started with a friends birthday dinner and drinks at Amerigo's Italian Restaurant on Friday. Dinner was wonderful! I had never eaten at Amerigo's. It definitely met my expectations!

Here's some pictures of us before dinner.

Teresa and Bryan, the birthday boy

Teresa and I
Josh and I

After dinner we headed over to Corner Pub Midtown. Love this bar! Only place in Nashville where you can get a BUCKET OF VODKA! Yes, a freakin' bucket of vodka.

Sadly, I could barely drink any since I was driving. Oh well, I would much rather be the responsible one. The bucket of vodka will be there next time! :)

Josh and I at Corner Pub. Love this picture!

It was so nice being able to go out. We are an old married couple that desperately wanted to get out of debt and hardly ever went out since the wedding in January but we are debt free now so we felt like we owed it to ourselves. :) We had a blast.

The rest of the weekend was spent on the lake. The weather here was perfect! It was in the low to mid 80s all weekend. At night, however, it got down to the upper 40s to lower 50s. I was actually excited to wear a hoodie sitting out on the dock though. We even had to pull out the propane heater Saturday night. The jet ski rides were a little chili Sunday but it was still fun.

Baby Front News

I *think* I actually may have ovulated this weekend. I have gotten several positive OPKs in a row now. I haven't seen a positive OPK since January or February so I actually have a little hope this cycle. Actually, I have hope for the first time since we started trying last October. I am so scared of the disappointment though. Previously, I haven't had any expectations. I had no hope. Now I don't know what to think. I know we have all of our bases covered and will continue to cover them depending on this afternoon's OPK. Ugh! My head is spinning! I can't stop praying that this is it for us. This has to be it for us. We are almost at the year mark so this has to be it. If this cycle is a fail then we will certainly be over the year mark because of my ridiculously long cycles. Please let this be it!

Will you all say a prayer for me please? I really need this to be our cycle.

I hope everyone had a fabulous Labor Day weekend!


Thankful Thursday

I am not having a good day today but I have somehow mustered up a couple of things to be thankful for.

First, I am thankful that tomorrow afternoon starts a long weekend. Most of which will be spent on the lake attempting to relax as much as possible.

Secondly, I am thankful that my Stampin' Up order came in today so I can start making Christmas cards sometime this month. Yep, you read it right... I will start making Christmas cards this month, from scratch. I'm really excited and can't wait.

What are you thankful for today?


Wishful Wednesday

Today, I wish for comfort for some friend's of mine from high school. They(twin brothers) lost their father unexpectedly Monday night. I know he is in Heaven smiling down on them and watching over them. Please say a prayer for their family.

I also wish that this week would speed up a bit. I am so ready for the long weekend.

Now for a couple of side stories.

6 weeks ago, I put $150 cash, 17 can of dip (yes, 17) and some other random things in a care package to be sent overseas to my brother in Afghanistan. I know, before you say anything about why I put that much cash in a care package, I have a very good excuse. I did not activate his bank card for international use so I needed to send him cash to use when he was off base on his way home for R&R, in the airports and stuff, for when he needed food, drinks and whatever in the world else he felt he needed. I sent that much dip because (even though they have since excluded military from this new law) at the time there was a law put into effect that tobacco was not allowed to be shipped overseas. The care package was sent right before that deadline so I made sure I had enough dip to last him a while because dip is a lot cheaper in the states then over there. On average it takes 10 days for a care package to get to military overseas. This would have given it 3 weeks to get to him before he left for R&R. Plenty of time, right? Well, he left for R&R with no package in his possession. He was home for 2 weeks. Got back overseas a couple days ago only to find out that the package(and everything else that was being shipped with his care package including other Solider's care packages) was blown all to hell. Freakin' lovely! Now I get to attempt sending the dip again. Lets see how many weird looks I get when I go into the gas station and ask for all this particular kind of dip that they have. It is kind of like a game to see how many weird looks I can get at one time.

And finally for my 2nd (short) story. My phone became possessed today. I already hate this phone and am dying to get a new one but this kind of put me over the edge. My phone started vibrating and lighting up for no apparent reason while I was sitting at my desk about an hour ago. It has since quit vibrating but it is still lighting up at random times.