It's finally Fall

Well, today is the first day of Fall. So glad it's finally here! It's definitely welcome.
I can't wait to wear outfits like these. I've been missing my sweater dresses big time!

The dresses above are from Victoria's Secret

Now, if only the temperature would start to drop! I'm so tired of the 90+ degree weather. First, we had the major flood and now we are at more than 80 days of 90+ degrees. We need some relief. My poor grass is completely dead!

Come on Fall like weather!!!


  1. I can't wait to wear my Fall dresses either! We are having the exact same weather as you though. The real Fall needs to hurry up!!

  2. I'm so ready for cooler weather, as well! Every year I say I'm going to get me a sweater dress and I never do! I'm going to this year!

  3. I cant wait to fit into a dress!! hahaha. I love the fall too but hello hotness here in TN. I think I might die if it doesnt stay as cool as it's been these past couple of days!