Wishful Wednesday

Today, I wish for comfort for some friend's of mine from high school. They(twin brothers) lost their father unexpectedly Monday night. I know he is in Heaven smiling down on them and watching over them. Please say a prayer for their family.

I also wish that this week would speed up a bit. I am so ready for the long weekend.

Now for a couple of side stories.

6 weeks ago, I put $150 cash, 17 can of dip (yes, 17) and some other random things in a care package to be sent overseas to my brother in Afghanistan. I know, before you say anything about why I put that much cash in a care package, I have a very good excuse. I did not activate his bank card for international use so I needed to send him cash to use when he was off base on his way home for R&R, in the airports and stuff, for when he needed food, drinks and whatever in the world else he felt he needed. I sent that much dip because (even though they have since excluded military from this new law) at the time there was a law put into effect that tobacco was not allowed to be shipped overseas. The care package was sent right before that deadline so I made sure I had enough dip to last him a while because dip is a lot cheaper in the states then over there. On average it takes 10 days for a care package to get to military overseas. This would have given it 3 weeks to get to him before he left for R&R. Plenty of time, right? Well, he left for R&R with no package in his possession. He was home for 2 weeks. Got back overseas a couple days ago only to find out that the package(and everything else that was being shipped with his care package including other Solider's care packages) was blown all to hell. Freakin' lovely! Now I get to attempt sending the dip again. Lets see how many weird looks I get when I go into the gas station and ask for all this particular kind of dip that they have. It is kind of like a game to see how many weird looks I can get at one time.

And finally for my 2nd (short) story. My phone became possessed today. I already hate this phone and am dying to get a new one but this kind of put me over the edge. My phone started vibrating and lighting up for no apparent reason while I was sitting at my desk about an hour ago. It has since quit vibrating but it is still lighting up at random times.

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  1. I'm glad your brother made it back safe and sound and I especially hope the next seven months fly by!

    And my phone buzzes at random times, too. It drives me crazy!