Barefoot Renegades

First, let me start by saying that on Friday, I said bye to my brother again. I don't think saying bye to a Solider will ever get easier especially knowing that he is getting on a plane to return to war. Blah!!! 7 months left. Lord, please keep him safe. I love you Matt and you are truly my hero.

Now, Barefoot Renegades time. As most people know, I am a self-proclaimed lake whore. If I could, I would spend the entire summer at the lake. The marina where our boats are docked has a local band on Friday and Saturday nights. Barefoot Renegades is an awesome country band. Josh, who is not a country music fan in the least, actually really enjoys the band. So, since this was the last weekend they were at the marina this year, we met another couple at the marina for dinner and drinks while we enjoyed the band until midnight or so.

Of course I have some pictures. The other couple is my BFF Teresa and her boyfriend Bryan.

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.

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