Tonight is the night...

Tonight is the night that the most awesomest (yes, I enjoy making up my own words) realtor in Nashville comes to our house. Lord, please let her like the house enough to want to sell it. This lady is the awesomest awesome. No lie. She normally only works with high-profile peeps and sells million/multi-million dollar homes buuuutttttt.... I just so happen to work closely with her at times so I am pretty excited that she even agreed to come look at it. Not to mention, she uttered the words "I'll give a nice break on my commission". Please and thank ya ma'am! :)

I'm in a good mood today! Hopefully the house goes on the market and Josh and I are spending the weekend on the lake annnnndddd my brother comes home in a few days! I think this will be a fantabulous weekend!

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