Relaxing Weekend...

Josh and I had such a relaxing weekend. We were up bright and early Saturday morning for no apparent reason. 8:00 is so early to me and I don't understand how I can wake up that early on the weekend but not during the week. If you're wondering, I normally don't crawl my lazy ass out of the bed until about 9:45 or so during the week. Gotta love my part-time job. :)

I started the weekend off right with getting my nails done and a pedicure. Now, I do this every 2-3 weeks but I have NEVER gotten a pedicure at 9:00 in the morning. It was the best thing ever and I would love to continue to get my pedicures that early. It seemed to set the mood for the weekend. After my nail trip, Josh and I spent the rest of the day laying around on the couch because we had about 4 different thunderstorms during the day. We napped and watched movies all day. It was fabulous! Saturday night, we went to Zanies which is the comedy club in town with my BFF and her boyfriend. We saw Michael Ian Black. He was so funny. I recommend seeing him if you ever have the chance. We definitely didn't stop laughing.

Here's a couple of pictures from standing in line before the show:Yesterday, we spent the day on the lake with the in-laws cruising around on the big boat. I love being on the water, however, reality set in for the first time when we saw a dive crew but not just any dive crew, it was the dive crew that only looks for the people that have drowned and no one can find their body. In all my years on the water, I have never actually seen one of these boats in person. It brought chills and still does.

I mentioned above that I love working part-time but this week, I actually have to work full-time. Boo! Oh well, can't complain about the extra money. I truly am blessed to only need to work a part-time job though. I know I take it for granted. I need to work on that!

Overall, Josh and I had a wonderful, relaxing weekend. Hope everyone has a great week!

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