Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for 2 things.

I am thankful that I finally have an eye appointment for the 1st time in 2 years. I wear my contacts entirely too long at times (6-8 months) and it is certainly starting to catch up with me after years and years of doing this. My eyes are constantly red and dry. Boo! Can't wait to get yelled at from the doctor.

Now, for the good one! :) I am thankful that I stopped screaming, kicking, cussing, stomping, ranting and raving long enough to listen to my husband's business idea (it took a couple days for me to warm up to it though). He has opened our world up to being able to travel at wholesale prices all around the world! I cannot believe some of these prices. Not only are we able to travel cheap, like dirt cheap but we have an opportunity to make money, like $12,000 in the first 4 months and not work with a pyramid type company. I was asked last night why I finally jumped in on this business like a mad woman and I simply said I want to stay at home when I have children. This business will give me the opportunity to do so not to mention *for the most part* children travel free.

We currently have 3 websites but I am working on getting those down to 2 websites over the next couple of days. When I have all those ducks in a row, I will post an entry dedicated to my testimony and business so I can pass all the saving on to my readers.

I hope everyone has a fabulous Thursday!

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