4th of July Weekend

Josh and I spent the weekend on the lake with his family as we usually do during the summer.

This is Tina (Joshs stepmom) and I

LOVE this picture!
John(Joshs dad) and Tina
Ashtyn and I
Tina's birthday is on the 3rd, so every year, we have a small party/get together for her while on the lake. This year she turned 40. Yes, Josh is 27 and his stepmother is only 13 years older. I guess Josh and John both like 'em young! :)

The black flowers were a joke from John. He decided that it would be funny to have them "almost dead". He definitely had to explain it to everyone. We thought it was just part of the cake.

We had an awesome long weekend! Hope you all did as well.

This post wouldn't be complete without thanking our troops, past and present, for fighting for our freedom. I love all of you especially my brother Matt who is currently in Afghanistan.

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