It's time for that "big" annoncement...

Let me preface by saying that Facebook needs to just go away.

Ok, ok...I totally don't mean that at all, BUT I do think it is time for me to take a short break. I have never gotten emotional over a comment (that wasn't even on my page). The comment said that everyone is having babies. No sir, not everyone is having babies. I am not having a baby and I know several other ladies that aren't having babies. So, no, not everyone is having babies. I know you meant no harm by it because you and your fiance will be holding your precious child for the first time today but seriously, not everyone can be as lucky as you and get pregnant without trying.

I have fought with myself time and time again over if I want to write this post or not because this is a public blog and I have friends and family that read it. I have decided that it is time because of today's Facebook comment. For the first time in a little over 9 months, I began to get emotional over the fact that Josh and I don't have a baby of our own yet. We have been actively trying to get pregnant for over 9 months now. I really need a place to write my feelings from time to time about this journey and duh... I have a blog so why not use it to document our journey to parenthood as well.

I will have to write a more detailed post later this evening or this week as it is time for me to leave this hell that I call work. I thought I had time to write it out but my lovely jerk of a boss called me into his office to repeat the same thing he did an hour ago.

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