I feel like I have been hit by a Mack Truck! All of a sudden (literally), my entire body started aching and my head started hurting. Ya know that achy feeling you get when you have the flu? Yeah, well...that's the achy feeling that I have! Boo.... I hope this is just from the 2 full days on the jet ski catching up with me. I CANNOT be sick this weekend. We normally spend 4 days on the lake. I CANNOT and WILL NOT miss 4th of July on the lake! Whatever is going on with my body can kiss my *very pale* ass!


Thankful Thursday

Apparently, I have lost my mind! I wrote my Wishful Wednesday post today thinking that today was Wednesday! Oh good grief, I swear I would lose my head if it wasn't attached!

Since today is actually Thursday, I guess I will do my Thankful Thursday post in addition to my Wishful Wednesday post. Wow...3 blogs entries in 1 day. I guess I did have some catching up to do!

Today, I am thankful for the many upcoming opportunities that Josh and I have. Many of these opportunities have surfaced within the last 4 days or so and I am not ready to release those details just yet but I am so thankful for the chances that we have been given. We are truly blessed.

I am also thankful for my in-laws. I know we have our differences, but they are wonderful people and this week as proved that they will stand behind us and that they are willing to help us through tough decisions and also help our dreams become reality.

This is Josh and I with his dad John, his stepmom Tina and his stepbrother Cody. Love these people.
(* Josh's mother passed away when he was 6 years old*)

What are you thankful for today?

Wishful Wednesday

Today I wish for some black wedges. I am in desperate need for some. I have more pairs of black stilletos and black flip-flops then I can count, but not a single freakin' pair of black wedges! I think I may actually go after work today and get a pair. They would have been perfect with today's outfit, but I had to settle for my black flip-flops. :(


I know that I have been MIA lately from the blog and from TB but Josh and I have been working on getting some BIG things accomplished for our future. We are very excited for what the good Lord has blessed us with so far and can't wait to see what else he has in store for us and our future family.

I'm considering making some big announcements on here soon. I haven't had the courage to make them yet but I think I can muster the courage up somewhere. :)

I hope everyone has a fabulous day!

Rock City & Ruby Falls- Lookout Mountain

Josh's 27th birthday was last Thursday and we took a day trip (again) to East Tennessee to see Rock City and Ruby Falls. Ruby Falls is a cave tour with a gorgeous water fall inside the cave. Josh nor I had ever been and it was a wonderful experience. The views from the top of the mountain was absolutely gorgeous. The pictures do it no justice.

The picture below represents the point on the mountain where you can see 7 different states.
Going into the cave where the water fall is.

After our adventures at Rock City and Ruby Falls, we ended the day with the Billy Currington concert on the Tennessee River. He is awesome in person!

Josh had a great birthday and we love all the little getaways that we have been doing lately. Hopefully they will continue! It's kinda fun being a tourist in your own state!


Wishful Wednesday

Today, I want to wish my brother a very Happy Birthday.

He is spending his 21st birthday fighting in Afghanistan.

He has been there for about 6 weeks now. We still have a very long ways to go on this deployment so I also wish for his safety. I know that he will come home to his family and friends.

Here is a picture of Matt a couple of days after he got to Afghanistan. Thank God that he shaved his "battlestache". That thing was horrid!
I love you Matt!


Tennessee Aquarium

Josh and I made a day trip to East Tennessee to go to the Aquarium yesterday. It was an awesome little getaway. We are planning on going back to East Tennessee next weekend to do a few more things that we wanted to do yesterday but weren't prepared for nor did we have the time.

We saw so many different fish, butterflies and some birds. We even saw sharks an penguins. My favorite part, by far, was the penguins. I had no idea that The Aquarium had them so it was a nice surprise.
This is the actual cage that was used to make the first documentary about sharks. One of the bars in the back of the cage is bent from a shark bite.

Too funny to not share!

My penguins!

We had a blast! I cannot wait to take our children to see all the animals and fish one day. They will have so much fun!

Vacation Bible School 2010

For the past 4 years, I have taught Vacation Bible School at my parent's church. I always get the youngest group which is the kids under 6. They have a small church so I always have less than 10 kids and it really allows me to get to know each of the kids and spend time with them that they don't get at home. Most of the children/youth at their church are from less than ideal situations. For instance, one of the little girls that I had this week hadn't had her diaper changed at all one of the days. I feel so bad for most of the kids there.

VBS is one of the most rewarding things that I do each year. It reminds me that I often take things for granted.

The following pictures are of a little girl who is 5 years old and has had 5 open heart surgeries. She is an amazing little girl and no one would ever guess that she has been through so much. She is full of energy and life. She was such a big help to me throughout the week. My dad has spent so much time with her. He looks at her like another daughter and each time she is at the hospital, he is there with her and her family. Her name is Jada and she is my new best friend :)

This is Jada with her brother Austin(blue shirt), her sister Laura(pink shirt), her new friends Milena and Joshua and me.

Me and my older brother, Brad, who taught the teenagers. He had a tough job! The teenagers needed serious guidance!
My mom and I with one of my BFF's kids. This is Milena and Joshua.

I had an awesome week! Can't wait until next year!


Creative juices again...

I made an entire scrapbook tonight!

I decided that I would make and mail Josh's grandfather a scrapbook of the wedding. We don't see him as often as I would like, in fact, the wedding was the first time I met him. Granted, it is not a 12 x 12 scrapbook, nor is it over 12 pages, but I did make an entire scrapbook in one setting. I am proud of myself. Normally, it would take me a few weeks.

I am very pleased with how it turned out.

Time for bed now, good night all!


Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful that my husband and I are on the same page 98% of the time. We hardly ever argue and people often try to get us to fight and it just won't work. Sure, we get irritated with each other from time to time but it is normally over something stupid like taking out the trash.
I bring this up because there are some friends of ours that have been together for years and have been married for a year and all they do is fight. Josh and I have a hard time wanting to be with them for long periods of time because they are so depressing to be around. They try to get us to take sides and it sucks being in the middle of fights. When we are around them, we always just say how thankful we are that we don't fight. It really does make us feel so much closer to each other.

What are you thankful for today?

I hope you all have had a great short week so far! It's almost time for the weekend! YAY!


Memorial Day Weekend

Before I share about my wonderful weekend, I want to first thank all of our troops, past and present. Without your sacrifice we would not have the freedom that we, as Americans, have. A special thanks to my brother who is currently serving with the 101st Airborne Division in Afghanistan right now.

Josh and I had an awesome weekend. We spent the entire weekend outside camping at night and on the boat on the lake during the day. The only problem that I had was the spiders. They were seriously out to get me.

I started the weekend out with getting my nails done and a much needed pedicure. I decided to try something different with my nails since I always keep the french manicure. I decided I would be daring and do black tips. I can't wait for my mother to see them. She is going to have a heart attack!

I know I posted the other day about our new Coleman tent. Well, here is my product review. This weekend was the first weekend that we were able to use it and I have nothing but great things to say about it. It was so easy to put up as it was color coded for slow people like me. :) We did get rained on but not once had a leak. It was so roomy too. We were able to fit a double decker full size air mattress in it plus have room to walk around and actually stand in it. For my ladies with kids, you could easily fit a pack-n-play in there and still be comfortable. It comes with plenty of little extras too like an area for a small closet, a hinged door(that is awesome), little areas for ventilation, and extra stakes. This tent is definitely worth the investment.

Here are some pictures of our set-up:

We set-up camp on an island in the middle of the lake. It was gorgeous and the weather was absolutely perfect. We got rained on for about 15 minutes but it didn't stop us from enjoying the long weekend.

Here is a picture of the view from our campsite:

I love my husband but he just doesn't care what he looks like sometimes. I got him dressed like a total goober and he just laughed about it.
I loved our late night cruises on the boat.

We stocked up on some food before we left. We ate completely healthy all weekend!
We also took stock in Michelob Ultra and Mountain Dew. We also had another cooler full of this stuff. We are always prepared! :)

Finally, my friend Monte and I who planned the whole thing and got us all together!

We had a great weekend and I hope you did as well!