Tennessee Aquarium

Josh and I made a day trip to East Tennessee to go to the Aquarium yesterday. It was an awesome little getaway. We are planning on going back to East Tennessee next weekend to do a few more things that we wanted to do yesterday but weren't prepared for nor did we have the time.

We saw so many different fish, butterflies and some birds. We even saw sharks an penguins. My favorite part, by far, was the penguins. I had no idea that The Aquarium had them so it was a nice surprise.
This is the actual cage that was used to make the first documentary about sharks. One of the bars in the back of the cage is bent from a shark bite.

Too funny to not share!

My penguins!

We had a blast! I cannot wait to take our children to see all the animals and fish one day. They will have so much fun!

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