Retail Therapy

I mentioned in my earlier post today that Josh and I did some retail therapy this past weekend. The last 2 weeks, we have done some serious bargain shopping. 2 weeks ago we got a brand new Wii Fit Plus normally $100 for $45. We also got a baby monitor that retails for $90-$100 for around $27 or so. We got these awesome deals at a liquidation outlet here in town. I love that place. The best part is the stuff is new! Nothing wrong with any of it.Our bargains continued this past weekend. I got 2 new pairs of shoes. The first, my Nine West "ugg" boots that I don't necessarily like but wanted a pair of if that makes any sense at all. They are so comfortable. This is the first pair of these things that I have owned because I swore to myself that I never would until I tried a pair of them on. I got them marked down for $19!

Now, this next shoe surprised Josh when I showed it to him. This is my first ever flat black shoe. He hasn't gotten used to the fact that I want to be all about comfort this year. I got these at Ross for $17. I love them! It did take me a couple months to find a pair of flat black shoes that I like because I've always been a heel girl. So this was a big deal for me.
Josh is all about Halloween. It is his favorite holiday if you want to call it that. He fell in love with these little guys last year and has talked about them all year. We decided that since we can't have kids of our own why not have Zombie babies. :)
Creepy little things, huh? Glad they will only be out for a month each year. This is only the beginning of the collection. We got the non-animated ones. There are like 10 more that do all kinds of animated things like turn their necks completely around.

We got some other things. I got some clothes but those things aren't nearly as cool or important as what I posted above. I mean jeans are jeans, right? :)

I do have to share what we made for dinner after our shopping adventures. These are on our new Halloween platters by the way. I told you Josh loves Halloween. We made chicken, shrimp, and pepper skewers marinated in Teriyaki and Lemon Pepper Sauce. They were so tasty! We also did some hamburgers. All of it was grilled!

And for good measure, the only 2 pictures that were taken on Labor Day weekend because my camera died.

Josh and Zoe, his parents dog. The guy in the background, DB, owns the boat next to his parents boat.

And me! Of course. :)


  1. OK, the zombie kids freak me out! haha! I don't think I could stand to have those in my house! You're one tough chick!

  2. Oh my!! Those zombie babies are freakin scary girl!! I wouldn't be able to sleep knowing they were in my house haha.