I spent the better part of my life twirling a baton. It has made me the person I am today. 18 years now. For 18 years, I have had a baton(s) in my hand. Whether it be 1, 2, or 3 batons, fire batons or even knives. I've competed individually and as a team. I've been from one part of this country to another and met 1000s of other ladies like myself who had a passion for twirling. I've competed on state, regional, national and international levels and I've had the opportunity to spend the better part of my twirling career on a team that brought home gold at nationals 12 years straight. We were unstoppable. Seriously. 
This is, by far,  in my opinion, the best routine that the twirling community has ever seen. It was a tribute to the events that happened on 9/11/01. I haven't seen this routine in years. I sat here with goosebumps and tears in my eyes when I saw this a few minutes ago.  
Encore- Team USA 2002


Here's another from the group that I twirled with. We were definitely screwed out of this division win. 

I'm sure as we search more on youtube, I'll find more videos to post. :)


  1. Very cool - I have a friend who twirls and instructs our local high school girls, but nothing that elaborate! And that video is even cooler because I work at Wright State! :)

  2. That is amazing! I had no idea that twirling/batoning was like that! I really don't think it is like that everywhere, my school definitely did not have that kind of talent!! It looks like ballet! :) Very cool!