8* week Bumpdate

 *There's an asterisk by 8 because until my ultrasound on 5/4/12, I am technically 8 weeks pregnant today. I, however, know that I'm around 6 weeks.

How far along? 8* see above

Weight gain/loss:   Remember how I mentioned last week that my scale was broken? I really think it is. This morning it says I weighed 143.8 which is a 3 pound loss since last week. That's not possible. If anything, I feel like I've gained weight.

Feeling: Still feeling pretty normal for the most part. I've had 2 very bad dizzy spells...to the point that I don't remember the rest of the night. I've still got some bloat going on but it doesn't feel as bad as it was last week. I haven't had any nausea yet so I guess that's a good thing? I'd like a couple of small reminders every now and then that I am, in fact, growing a human so some nausea would likely be appreciated every now and then. 

Maternity clothes? None yet. I think mom is going to take me shopping when we have our girls weekend the 12th and 13th. Definitely looking forward to looking at maternity clothes and getting idea of pricing and sizing.

Sleep: I'm sleeping very well at night. I'm not feeling any exhaustion yet but I have noticed a lot more yawning and an overall laziness feeling.

Food cravings: No real cravings yet.

Movement? None.

What I miss? CAFFEINE!!! Although I am doing very well with the lack of caffeine, I still miss it so much!

Best moment this week: Finally spending some time in the sun. Got my first sunburn of the year and a little raccoon eye going on. We spent some great time with family and friends this weekend (when we weren't working). I am so excited that boating season started 2 whole months early thanks to the warm weather we've been having. We have been out on the lake since late March but this was the first weekend that I felt the conditions were right for a swimsuit.

What I'm looking forward to:  Our first appointment is Friday. I'm counting down the hours until I see this baby on that monitor! And...Cody (my 18 year old brother-in-law) is playing his final regular games of the season for baseball this week. Tonight was the final regular season game he started pitching (he's the teams main pitcher) and tomorrow is senior night at the final game of the regular season. He will go on to pitch in college as he's already been offered some scholarships to various schools but I can't believe this is it for high school. Of course, they've made it to the tournaments so I still have some more games to watch but this is it for regular ball. :(

Next Appointment: May 4th.

Milestones: Week 8*- baby is the size of a raspberry...the little arms and legs are moving like crazy. OR Week 6- baby is the size of a sweet pea...blood is starting to circulate

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