A Penny for Your Thoughts...

A good friend of mine recently asked me if I was happy. I just kind of sat there for a second in shock because she actually asked me that question. I thought that I was happy. I thought that, for the most part, I seemed happy to others. Sure, I have my moments where I hate the world and would prefer to just sit around and feel sorry for myself, but overall I thought I gave the impression that I was a happy individual. After the initial shock factor that she could possibly ask me this question, I began thinking... "is anyone ever truly happy"? Are you truly happy when you have whatever you want and all the money in the world? I know I sure would be jumping for joy, but than again I was taken back by what my mom had said about 3 days earlier when her and I were actually upset about the same thing that involved a certain couple that only cares about there money. They do not seem to care much about their family or their son, but they care about their material things and money. Than my mom says the most true thing that she has said in a while.... "There are no U-Hauls in Heaven and you can't spend your money when your dead".

So...with that being said, YES...I am happy...YES, YES, YES and another YES! As it gets closer to my wedding (only 81 days!!!), I often find people asking me this question. So, just to clear things up...I am very happy with the direction that my life is heading. I am very happy with my relationship with God and I am very happy with Josh. I have a roof over my head, a truck to drive, I have food to cook each night(although it may not be very good...Josh swears it is...I'm learning, in my defense), I have clothes to wear, I have the best group of friends that anyone could ask for and a family that stands by my side. I may not have all the material things like an Ipod or the real Sperrys, but the radio in my truck works just fine and I happen to like my knock-off Sperrys.

I would not trade Josh and I's relationship for anything else in this world. I cannot wait to be his wife and the mother of his children. I will be walking down the aisle to be his wife on January 2, 2010 and that is what truly makes me happy. I know that I will have everyone that is most important to me standing by my side on that day and for that I am grateful.

HAPPINESS is a state of mind or feeling characterized by contentment, love, satisfaction, pleasure or joy.

I can honestly sit here and tell you that I am content with life. I love and am loved. I am satisfied(but am not settling for less than I deserve) and I get pleasure and joy out of the works that I do for others and the things that the good Lord has blessed me with. So by wikipedia's definition. YES...I AM HAPPY! More importantly, I know deep down that I AM HAPPY even though I may not always show that on the outside, but rest assured that I AM HAPPY and I will stand on the highest mountain top and scream it (if I wasn't afraid of heights, of course)!

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