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I haven't been doing this blog thing very long and already I am slacking off. Someone should probably pop my hand for doing so. I enjoy writing. I enjoy taking the time and doing something for myself instead of constantly wondering what I can do for someone else. Don't get me wrong...I live for doing selfless things for others. I enjoy helping others whenever I can. Others often say that I put everyone before myself and I agree with them. This blog gives me the chance to just be myself and do something for myself. I am dedicating myself to this blog at least once a week for my "me time". If I slack off, I demand someone to show up at my house and pop my hand, much like you would do for a 2 year old.

I believe it has been 2 weeks since I last wrote. So many things have happened within those 2 weeks. I shall start from the beginning of those 2 weeks and work my way to the present and brace yourself, this could be an extensive, never-ending blog. Like I stated earlier, I enjoy writing.

On October 24, my brother ,Matt, came home from basic training and AIT school for the Army. My family greeted him at the airport like some crazy people that you see in the movies. We were waiting at the terminal for him and when I saw him with his BDU's on, I cried. It was such a bittersweet moment. I finally get to have him back at home for a few weeks and he looks so good in that uniform. Needless to say, mom never fails at making a fool of any of us and proceeded to push some random lady out of the way so she can run see Matt, but aside from he unneccesary roughness it was a great morning. I took Matt back to my house(where he lives when he is in town) and we immediatley began putting up decorations and running errands for the annual Halloween party that Josh has every year.

There's not much to tell about the Halloween party. Just imagine a bunch of drunk people making a fool of themselves. Boom....thats what the Halloween party is all about. I hardly ever drink anymore, therefore, it was quite an experience watching these people all night. Thankfully, the cops where not called this year on sound violation as in years past. We did have a cop show up for an illegally parked car(we live in a subdivision...we didn't know). Evidently a neighbor called saying that this car was blocking the street. Whatever...it was taken care of. No biggie!
I should probably explain a little bit about this picture. We were decorating the outside of the house a couple of nights before the party and we had this gigantic ant hill in our front yard. Josh and Scott decided to pour gas on it and light it on fire. This is Josh lighting his cigarette with the fire. I may never make it to my wedding if he keeps doing crazy things like this.

After the Halloween party, I went directly into wedding mode. It literally feels like I have been thinking about nothing but the wedding when I am not at work and sometimes even at work. This is such a big day in my life and Joshs life and I feel like it has to be perfect. I finally have a church to get married in and I have the lady that is doing the food. Now it is just a matter of getting everything lined up and actually getting to the day. My to-do list is getting shorter but at the same time the stress level increases. I still need to print the invitations and get them out and buy pillar candles for the centerpieces. Pillar candles, by the way, are not cheap by any means. I got the flower girl dresses the other day and they are adorable. I am so excited about them. I keep reminding Josh to call the rental place for the table linens that he has a "hook-up" with and he still forgets. Even though I remind him 2 or 3 times a day, you would think he would be completely annoyed with it by now that he would actually pick up the phone.

Things with the wedding are falling into place, but I am terrified that I am going to forget something. I have checklist after checklist and I keep checking it 2, 3 or 4 times just to make sure, but I worry about things alot, which is not helping make this any easier. I know when the day comes, it will all be worth the time, effort and stress, but I just need to get to January 2, 2010.

I finally got my braces off after nearly 3 years of having them on. I refused to walk down the aisle with braces on. I had the orthodontist take them off early. He said that they still needed to be on for about another 6 months, but I like being stubborn and made him take them off last week. I finally have straight teeth which is something that I have never had before. I was often made fun of growing up because of my teeth. I had actual fang looking teeth. I swear, I could have passed for a vampire. I cannot stop feeling my teeth with my tongue and lips...it is just weird, but I am so happy that they are finally off!

I guess, this is all for now. I shall be consumed by more wedding worries when I get home. I hope everyone has a blessed day and a great week.

54 day until I become Mrs. Peyton. HOLY COW!!!

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