Wishful Wednesday

Today started off great. Josh and I paid off my one and only credit card. YAY!!! Good-bye Mr. Visa...I will NEVER see you again. I'm working on my debt snowball and getting out of debt ASAP. Thank you Mr. Ramsey!

On to Wishful Wednesday... I got some not-so-great news from the doctor again today. Go figure...the story of my life. I am scheduled for more tests next Wednesday. YAY!!!!...NOT!
Today's wish is for my TTGP and 3T ladies. I wish that we all get answers, BFP's or something ($1 million, a car, a smack in the face, a t-shirt...hell, anything is better right now then this crap) real soon. I haven't been at this nearly as long as most of you but this shit sucks! Love ya'll.

I hate how one can start with a great day and then one phone call can screw the whole day up. Oh well....life goes on!