I am proud to say that yesterday marked 3 months since I smoked my last cigarette.

I am officially a non-smoker. I smoked for 7 years. WOW!!! I never thought about how long I actually smoked. I smoked since I was 15. Today, I am sitting here saying that I have never felt better. I can actually breathe. I was one of those people that swore that smoking was not related to why I couldn't breathe or why my heart condition had worsened. Well...I can sit here and tell you that I have not had a single heart problem in the last 3 months and I can breathe when I wake up in the morning. Not to mention, my breath smells a whole hell of a lot better! I never smelled it either until I quit. Now, when I go to my parents house, I want to gag. I smell it on my dad. GROSS! I should have listened to others when they told me to quit a long time ago. I was so stupid. I swore no one could smell it. I swore that all the pageant people had no idea that I was a smoker because there was no way they could smell it on me. I WAS WRONG! I am so embarrassed. I feel like an idiot to be honest.

It was easier to quit then expected and I quit cold turkey. I woke-up one day and decided that I didn't want to smoke anymore. I crumbled up all the cigarettes that I had left. I was scared. I went through Josh when he quit a couple of months earlier and I thought I would leave him because of the way he acted for about a week. He was horrible! It wasn't that bad to be honest. I had some terrible cravings, but I focused on positive things and set goals for myself. I also chewed a lot of gum! I still chew gum, especially in afternoon traffic. Sitting in traffic is the only time I have the feelings that I want one and those feelings are slowly disappearing.

Josh is going on 5 months of being a non-smoker. He had smoked for 12 years. He finally has quit coughing. There towards the end of his smoking, he would cough so bad that he would throw-up. The only thing I don't understand is that since he quit, he started snoring. He never snored before he quit and all of a sudden a couple of months ago, he started snoring LOUDLY! It sucks because I always fall asleep after him. Oh well...

Someone asked me why we both quit. We quit for several reasons. We spent about $300 a month on cigarettes between the both of us. During the summer when we were on the lake, we would smoke almost an entire carton (that's 10 packs of cigarettes) in a weekend. We quit for health reasons. We quit because it was time to grow up and realize that smoking wasn't the cool thing to do. Finally, we quit for our phantom children. Our phantom children will not grow up with smoking parents. We want to give our phantom children the best life possible and if we continued to smoke, we would not be giving them the best that we could.

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