Eureka Springs, Arkansas

I realized that I never posted about our little getaway a couple of weeks ago for my friends 30th birthday.

We went to a little town called Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It's a bed and breakfast town complete with old, beautiful buildings. The town completely shuts down from 4:00-5:00. At 5:00 all the restaurants open until 9:00. There are a couple of bars that stay open until 12:00. There is a main strip where all the shops and restaurants are. The strip is no longer than a mile. The best thing about all the shops: the owners are the ones that work the store. We didn't meet a rude person in this town either.

I really did think the town was great and we enjoyed the relaxing weekend so much, however, I don't think we will be going back. There wasn't that much to do in the town. The only attractions were caves, horseback rides, and haunted hotel tours. The caves that we tried to visit were closed. When I say closed, I mean they just didn't want to do any tours that day. They stated that they closed at 2:00. We got there at 1:00 and they said they weren't doing anymore tours. We asked if they would be open the next day and was told yes. We go back the next day and they are closed. I definitely think this town is for much older couples that just want to shop and relax.

Ya'll know a post by me is not complete without some pictures. Here ya go!

Our B&BTown Post OfficeBaptist Church right on the square

Then there's Christ of the Ozarks. This is a 7.5 story tall statute of Jesus. This is one of the main reasons people go to this town.

Me and the birthday girl.
Horseback RidingTeresa and I took over 400 pictures. It was really tough to narrow it down. :)

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. The B&B looks gorgeous! So glad you had a great time.