Wishful Wednesday

I have $438.94 worth of stuff in my "wish list" from Victoria's Secret. Who wants to buy it all for me? I have about $200 more worth of stuff I would like to add before you make the purchase. Let me know before you buy it all. Thanks! :)

Seriously, I wish I could get everything on my wish list from there. I love it all.

There's this. I will buy this for sure though. It's on sale for $12! I won't be wearing just a bra underneath it though.

Then there's this sweater.

Oh and there's this shirt.

Anyway, I really wish someone would buy it. I have an obsession with "wishing" for things from Victoria's Secret. I'm sure half of my Wishful Wednesday posts are about them but I really do love their clothes!

1 comment:

  1. I'm not a fan of the first top--just NMS, but it would look fabulous on you! LOVE the sweater and off-the-shoulder top, though. Oh, if only we had an unlimited funds for clothes!