Month 14, Cycle 8

I moved on to cycle 8 this morning. I know, cycle 8 isn't necessarily a big deal. I've seen plenty of women get pregnant on cycles 8-12 and even 13. It's this whole 14 months thing that is the big deal. It sucks. Cycle 7 was 79 days long. In case you can't add, that's over 2 blessed months! I don't understand why I can't have as many chances as others. That's the part that bothers me the most.

I am really okay with moving on. I am. I promise. I keep telling myself that it's just part of the journey. Shit happens and you move on. The last cycle wasn't our cycle. It's fine. I've only gotten my hopes up one time in this journey and I won't ever do that again. That was rough!

My poor husband is one of a kind, that's for sure. I love him to death. He has all the confidence and optimism in the world. I wish I saw just a little of what he sees in life. Some of you may remember my Pumpkin Patch Post a couple of months ago. Coincidentally, we were sitting at the same restaurant Monday night when Josh looked at me and said that I will get pregnant on the cruise. The only thing I could muster up at the time was "My body doesn't work like that, honey". Without hesitation he says, "It's going to this time". I almost cried in the middle of a sports bar. This cruise that he speaks of is the first week of January. This would mean that I would have to have a somewhat normal cycle where I would ovulate the earliest that I ever have which would be cycle day (CD) 27-31. That is damn near impossible in my books. I really hope and pray that he is right but I just don't see it happening like he does. I see it being February before we have another shot at getting pregnant. Ya know... because my body sucks like that.

Since we are moving on and this cycle will roll over to the first of the year, we have decided to begin testing. I know I said I was going to have 7 days past ovulation(DPO) bloodwork this last cycle but I just wasn't feeling it. We will do 7DPO bloodwork and a semen analysis this cycle. When cycle 9 comes around in February probably, I will have an HSG to check for blocked tubes if the SA comes back normal.

I had some 7DPO bloodwork done back in April and everything was perfect and above normal except for my thyroid levels. From what I understand, I have a slightly elevated thyroid level at 3.75. The ideal level for trying to get pregnant is closer to 1.0 and anything over 3.0 isn't good. However, apparently in my area this is completely normal and acceptable. I spoke to every doctor that I have ever seen. I called every doctor that my in-laws and husband sees and I called the infertility clinic. They all say anything less than 5.5 is fine. I'm so lost and confused. I know that an elevated thyroid level can cause longer cycles. I guess this is something that I will discuss with the OB and RE together since they will be working with me as a team for insurance purposes.

Josh and I  have also decided that when we get back from the cruise, I will begin acupuncture treatments. I have completed hours upon hours of research on acupuncture and acupuncturist in my area. Josh and I have done phone interviews with a list of 6 and we then narrowed it down to one lady that has had positive results with ladies who have long cycles. Not to mention, she was very open and positive about her work. She didn't seem stand-offish like the others and I think the three of us clicked so well.  She says that I should see a difference in 2 months. She went on to tell us about all the success stories that she has had over the last couple of years. I am very confident that she will help get my cycles under control without medication and that hopefully it will help lead to me getting pregnant.

I really am ready to move on and get some answers. I hate being in cycle limbo hell and never knowing what my body may or may not do. The only thing I know for certain, at this moment, is that 2011 has got to be better then 2010.


  1. Sorry about CD1 :( I hope you get some answers.

  2. I hate your long cycles! I'm glad you are starting testing and I hope you get some answers.

  3. That last line reminded me of this Goo Goo Dolls song: "And you ask me what I want this year/and I try to make this kind and clear/just a chance that maybe we'll find better days."

    I hope wonderful things are in store for you in 2011, Jenn.

  4. Oh, sweetie, I'm so sorry. You don't have to downplay the disappointment--it hurts every time, even if the disappointment is expected. And as far as I'm concerned, cycle 8 is a big deal when it comes at 14 months. I'm so glad you are going to start testing, but I'm glad you've waited until it felt right to you--that's what it is all about. I love you bunches and pray for you every day. Your dreams will come true--I know it!

  5. I'm praying so hard everything will work out for you soon, Jenn! Love you!