Blog Award!

I got an award! :) I really do feel honored to have this award. 

Thank you to Missie at ...And Baby Makes Three  and Kathy at Hoping for Baby4678 for giving me this award. Head on over to their blogs and see what these absolutely wonderful ladies are up to. On Missie's blog you'll see a beautiful 4 week old baby girl. Carina will melt your heart, I promise! Follow Kathy's journey to parenthood. The journey didn't turn out quite like we hoped it would but I can guarantee you will love her and her blog.

Now that I have been given this award, there are some rules that I am to follow.

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

Some things about yours truly:
1. I am highly addicted to Mountain Dew. I drink about 6 a day, sometimes more.
2. It is the 25th day of January and my Christmas tree is still up. ::insert embarrassed face here:: In my defense, there are no decorations or anything on it. Josh just needs to put it in the box and in the attic. 
3. I weighed 12 pounds when I was born and am very proud of all 12 of those pounds. 
4. Josh takes up more room in our closet than I do. This surprises most people that know us.
5. I have more random, funny, colored socks than I do white socks.
6. Tank tops/camis are my best friends. I wear one almost every single day. 
7. I'm obsessed with anything with a crown on it. From shirts and jackets to keychains and headbands. If it has a crown, I want it. 

Now for 10 well-deserving bloggers. Yes, I'm cheating and doing 10 instead of 15.
2. Mrs. Baker @ -My Life As Mrs. B-
3. Josefine @ Baby Cays
4. Amber @ Born in a Barn
6. Bethany Jayne @ Just An Average Jayne
7. Cat @ My Eggs and Ham


  1. Thank you! And ya 12 lbs! Your poor mother! LOL

  2. I made a new award to give to you :)