Lowe's=Empty Account

Josh and I have a serious problem. We both are addicted to Lowe's. I'm pretty sure that at least 1/4 of our income last year went to that place. I'm probably going to cry when I count up the receipts from last year. :)
 It's pretty sad when it's my idea to go to Lowe's because I'm bored. 

Some of you may remember me making the big announcement that we are wanting to move this past July. Well, apparently it isn't going to happen anytime within the next 1-3 years. The market just isn't going to let it happen as we had hoped. We would end up losing and paying out of pocket almost $40,000 if we sold now. We are still looking at buying some land at some point this year but again, we are running into the same problems as my August post states. Right now, the market sucks and we picked a bad time to go about all this mess. 

I said all of that to say this...we decided that we would make some more changes in the house since, ultimately, we are stuck here for a little while longer. Among the changes, we are going to change the floors in the kitchen and bathrooms, get a new kitchen table and lighting in there. I'm also going to finally put up our wedding pictures and maybe do some more painting in a room that I'm not thrilled with the color that I last chose. We are also going to buy some more furniture (for the 3rd time in a year) for the entertainment room.
 So, while in Lowe's (1 of the 4 times this weekend) I decided it would be a fabulous idea to buy some of the kitchen organizers they sell for the cabinets. That stuff is expensive, to say the least. Most of the stuff is from Rev-A-Shelf. Below are some examples of what we did and want to do. I didn't want to completely break the bank today and we needed some more measurements to make sure that we were getting the correct sizes. So, hopefully in the next couple of months, my kitchen cabinets will be completely organized. It's a nice dream...

While we were at Lowe's for the 2nd time this weekend, we also decided, on a whim, that we should change the knobs and drawer pulls in the kitchen and master bath. The master bath and bedroom is off of the kitchen so when the house was built, it was built with the same cabinets and hardware in both rooms.

Before- These are pewter:

After- The new hardware is an antique bronze/chocolate coloring. LOVE THEM! They also match the new light that we bought. 

I did pick out a new kitchen table. It's very hard to explain but hopefully it will be in next weekend so I can post a picture. 

We lucked up while at Lowe's today and found the perfect light for half off! YAY for great deals. When the new light and table gets put up next weekend, I'll post pictures. I know ya'll can't wait. :)

So, in a nutshell, Lowe's has been taking my money and will continue to take it because on top of everything that I mentioned, Josh has also decided that he wants to build a privacy fence when my brother gets back from Afghanistan this Spring. In addition to the fence, Josh also is planning on turning our office into my craft room since, for the most part, we just use our laptops on the couch. I'm super stoked! Wow, did I just say that? lol

I guess I'm going to make the best of the situation that I'm in with this house. If I'm going to be stuck here, I might as well make some of the changes that will make me feel more comfortable here. 


  1. I love the new hardware for the cabinets and drawers!

    You guys sound like us. This house was supposed to be our starter, 3 to 5 year, home. It will be 5 years end of next month and we have already decided we're not going anywhere for probably another three years. And the hubs just asked last night if we could start doing things to fix up the house.

    Can't wait to see the new kitchen table!

  2. I love the updates!
    I've nominated you for a blog award! See my blog for details :)