We have gotten more snow in the last month then I think I've seen in my entire life. I love it! Not only is it so pretty, but it gets me out of work. 

This was the view to the left of my house Monday morning.

 Looking straight out of my house.
 The backyard

Our house

My in-laws house Monday night. I really wish I had gotten a better picture though. :(

Finally- Josh, Cody (brother-in-law), and I going sledding. You know you love the camo cover-alls on us. It's illegal or something not to own at least a pair in the South. :)

I heard on the news tonight that something like 48 out of 50 states have snow on the ground right now. That's total craziness!


  1. Amazing! How often do you get snow?

    On an unrelated note, I just gave you the Stylish blogger Award. Check out the details on my blog: http://babymchupie.blogspot.com/


  2. Oh! That is so fun! Also, your backyard is awesome!!