Flood 2010

This past weekend has been hell. I said good-bye to my brother as he was leaving for Afganistan. I get home from Kentucky to find that my area is flooded. This has been a 3 day event and is only getting worse.

Here are some pictures of the area:

2nd Avenue downtown next to Joe's Crabshack

The Publix grocery store close to my parents house
The street I drove down almost every day that I lived in Bellevue

LP Field where the Titans play

Part of my in-laws land in Murfreesboro. They do have tenants that live on the front 1/2 acre (13 acres of land total)of this land and the picture of the house below was taken about mid-day Sunday. Today, is Monday and the house is now almost covered with water.

I go under this bridge everyday. This is about a mile from my house.
My parents live in one of the hardest hit areas called Bellevue. So many of my high school friends and families have lost everything. I am in so much disbelief at all of this. I can't even wrap my mind around everything that is going on. So many people are affected by this in all areas of Middle Tennessee.

I will continue to post pictures as they are available. I just ask everyone to pray for everyone in Nashville and the surrounding area.

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