This past weekends adventures...

WOW! This past weekend was busy. Josh and I went non-freakin-stop both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday was AWESOME! Josh and I spent the entire day together out and about. This is something that normally doesn't happen. We woke up early and started our day. We got our free tetanus shots provided by our city. We both have done some serious flood clean-up and have been scratched a few times so we decided that it would be in our best interest to take advantage of the free tetanus shots. Let me be the first to tell you, IT SUCKED! I am terrified of needles (but yet don't mind tattoos) and couldn't even bare to look at the freakin' thing. MY ARM IS SO SORE STILL!

After our tetanus shots, we went shopping and racked up on some khaki shorts for Josh. We got him 5 pairs for about $60 at Ross. I love that place! They have great, name brand clothes for AMAZING prices. I was truly surprised at what we got for the price.

After a couple more shopping trips to various places, we headed to the Renaissance Festival. WE LOVE THAT PLACE and can't resist going each year. It is so much fun and definitely a different experience then what we are normally used to. We love watching the (real) Joust and the Human Chess game. The costumes there are awesome. I secretly wish I could be the queen of the Renaissance Festival. She gets to wear an amazing costume complete with hoop skirt and make-up. Josh goes for the beer, I think. The Ren Fair is one of the very few occasions that he drinks during the day and he takes full advantage of it.

This is one of the few pictures that I got at the Ren Fair. We decided that we are going to go back the last weekend this month with some friends so I will, for sure, get more pictures of various things besides Josh and I. The last weekend is also the final Joust that is the most entertaining and about an hour long so I'm sure I will have a ton of pictures from that too.

Saturday night I had my first shot of Patron. It was an experience as well and I think that I will be keeping some at the house for all occasions now. So, thanks Ms. Teresa for sharing your Patron with me. Love you bunches!

Josh and I spent Sunday helping with flood clean-up at his dad and step-moms rental property in Murfreesboro. The flood was on May 1st and they were not able to get to the house until May 11th. The house sat in water for that long and still had water in it until the end of the week. His dad had to build a bridge to get from the street to the house on the 11th. Everything in the house had to be ripped out. My knees hate me today. They are red and swollen. BOO!!! I spent the majority of yesterday ripping up flooring and taking the insulation out from underneath the floor that was still soaking wet. That shit is heavy in case you were wondering and sticks to high heavens!

This picture was taken a week after the flood.

By the way, this house was FULLY renovated as of November 1, 2009 and exactly 6 months later, the flood came and my in-laws have to start completely over from scratch AGAIN!

I am glad that I had an eventful weekend but boy am I exhaustated and sore!

Happy Monday everyone and I hope you all have a great week!

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