Wishful Wednesday

A couple of weeks ago Josh and I watched the movie "Couple's Retreat". Ever since watching that movie, I have had the deepest desire to go to Tahiti. I have never really had any desire to go on luxurious vacations. Camping or the beaches of Destin, Panama City, and Daytona Beach, Florida are more my thing. I know... *gasp*...who ever would have thought I would prefer to be in the woods roughin' it? Yes, I actually hang up the high heels every once in a while.

Thanks to that *wonderful* movie, I have been constantly thinking and researching going to Tahiti. It is absolutely beautiful and the fact that I can stay in a tiki hut type thing is even better! Not to mention, the water is abso-freakin-lutely gorgeous!

So with all that said, I wish to be able to go to Tahiti in the next 2 years. I guess this is more of a wish and a goal. We will see if it actually happens though. Josh and I have talked about it briefly but alcohol was involved so I think we need to have a serious, sober conversation about it soon.

Hope you are having a great day!

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