Wishful Wednesday

I am a swimsuit whore. It goes without saying that I stalk the Victoria's Secret website for clearance swimsuits because not only am I a swimsuit whore, but to make matters worse, I will NOT buy anything if it is not on sale. I spent 3 hours on their website last night and found all these gems that I wish I could have. I think I will have to be selfish and get a couple of them.

Victoria's Secret Website

The problem is that I cannot decide which ones to purchase. Can I have them all please? :)


  1. I have the black and white polkadotted one in brown :)

    Back in January they had a super clearance and I bought 6 full swimsuits (top & bottom) for less than $10 each. It was AWESOME!

  2. OMG! Great post! I love #2 and #5. In fact, one of my friends just went on her honeymoon and had #5. I think I may get it for my bachelorette party in July :) Love to know a fellow Nashville blogger! Thanks for checking out my blog! xx