The last couple of days have been crap. I can't catch a break to save my life right now. Doctors suck. My body sucks. Death sucks. Boredom sucks. Dirty houses suck. Sleepless nights suck. Crying sucks. Rain sucks. Need I go further? I think I may just quit why I'm ahead. I think I should just go to sleep for a few days!

Mrs. B- You were a true inspiration to all of the girls in TTI. You have a special place in my heart. You never let me down and you always pushed me to be a better person. You will truly be missed. I love you! I know your in Heaven looking down making sure that I am doing everything the way a lady should and making sure that I have my lipstick on.

At her reunion dinner in December 2009.

She was with me, pushed me, coached, and supported me at Miss Tennessee 2007.

Josh tried making the the last couple of days better by telling me that we could finally get some curb appeal. We had gone to Lowe's yesterday and picked everything out and was going to plant and really get the outside looking nice. BUT... stupid rain ruined it all!!!! It is not gonna let up at all today. Oh well...it will never get done now.

The only good news I have gotten the last 3 days is that I haven't gained any weight since May 2009. I have stayed at the exact same weight as I was the last time I went to this particular doctor. I was relieved to hear this because I could have sworn that I had gained weight especially since the wedding.

I should probably stop being so negative, but when nothing positive is going on, how in this world will I stay positive. I did do some retail therapy yesterday, so that helped a little BUT... ehhhh...blah....oh well. Too much going on. I'm not even gonna get started on my body and doctors. Just keep me in your prayers please.

Hopefully, next time you hear from me, I will be in a better mood.

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