Wishful Wednesday

From now on Wednesday is officially Wishful Wednesday!

Starting today and most Wednesdays to follow, I will post what I wish I could get/have or simply thoughts that I wish would happen such as I wish for world peace (blah...had to pull out a pageant stereotype somewhere in this blog). As Josh has always said, I want and want and want but can't always get.

Maybe Josh will stumble across this blog and decide to be nice every once in a while :)

Today's wish is a Pandora Charm Bracelet. A few months ago, a fellow bumpie posted that her husband had gotten this for her and I have loved them ever since.

You can go to their website here.

This is the bracelet itself.

There are about 600 charms to choose from depending on what type of bracelet and if you want to mix metals.

I quickly narrowed my choices down to these few charms to start with.

So that seems like more then a few, but it was hard to even narrow it down to those to put on here. I searched for a crown charm, but couldn't find one. I should probably write the Pandora people and tell them to make one ASAP.

Now...maybe if I casually leave my laptop open to my blog, Josh will get the hint..
Wishful thinking :)

Have a great rest of the day everyone!

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