Some exciting things...

Some exciting things were accomplished this past weekend that I want to share with you.

First, we got some new furniture for the entertainment/bonus room. We spend all of our time in this room and it is by far not what I would consider an adult/couple room, instead it is more of a bachelor room. So call me redneck if you like, but these recliners are the most comfortable recliners I have ever sat in.
With the help of my brothers fiance, I finally got the office painted. When we decided to paint the office, I had imagined a blue/gray color. I absolutely did not want a freakin' nursery for the office. Well, the twat that works at Lowe's doesn't know how to mix paint, because I have a freakin baby boys nursery.
This wasn't even the room we were gonna use for a nursery. Oh well, I'm too lazy to paint again, so if we have a baby boy first, we will already be 1 step ahead of the game.

On a happier note, after $180 and 20 months later, I finally got these things framed. We got these at the Daytona Speedway when we went in 2008. They are an odd size and did not come framed. We paid $120 alone for the stupid frames, but it is so worth it to have them on the wall in the entertainment room. I love me some Dale Jr.
There is still some more projects I have in mind for the house, luckily all the painting is done. I'm excited for the future and can't wait to see what's in store for Josh and I.

Hope everyone has a great St. Patrick's Day. Be safe!

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