I cannot believe it is already October! Where in this world has the time gone? It seems like Josh and I got married last week when, in fact, it will be 9 months tomorrow since the wedding. I can't believe the holidays are just around the corner. I am so ready for Christmas. I didn't decorate at all last year, not even a tree because of the wedding and all the chaos that entailed. This year I am going all out! I am so excited!

Tonight Josh and I will decorate for Halloween. I cannot wait for you guys to see the pictures from that! It is nothing like what it used to be though. Since I painted the house, I have not allowed him to black out most of the house with black tarps. Actually, everything downstairs used to be covered with black tarps except the kitchen. For Halloween, instead of blacking out the kitchen with tarps, the kitchen always has black lights (that don't show up in pictures ::insert pouty face here::)I don't want the walls to get messed up somehow so no more black tarps starting this year. Here are some pictures from the 2008 Halloween Party.
Our friend Scott helping us out.
Josh likes freakin' me out on that ledge!

This is my favorite Halloween costume so far(also from 2008). Again, the kitchen was blacked out with a black light. So mad it doesn't show in pictures!
And some more pictures just for the hell of it. :) I'm a picture whore and this was, by far, the best party we ever had!

Matt and I. He was too cool to dress up.

Keg stand?
This post took a completely different turn then I had originally expected and now I really can't wait to get the Halloween show on the road.

Anyway, tonight we decorate outside and we may be getting more Zombie Babies tonight as well. Tomorrow, we go buy costumes and probably more decorations because well.... we have a problem. :)

I'm probably more excited than any one person should be for Halloween but seriously, when can an adult have an excuse to dress up in any kind of costume, wear a ton of make-up, and have scary and just absolutely unexpected shit jump out in front of you and it be completely acceptable? My point exactly! :)

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! <3 you tons!

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