Wishful Wednesday

It's been a VERY long time since I did a Wishful Wednesday post so I really need to buckle down and start posting on a regular basis again.

Today, I really wish that someone would be so gracious and give me a shopping spree with my favorite Stampin' Up Demonstrator, Angela Waters. There's so much I need (ok..want)!

I kid you not, I have 2 spreadsheets just for my Stampin' Up stuff. I have one for inventory and one "Wish List". Yes, it's that bad people. My wish list is $3,000.00 worth of stuff but it's all stuff I need. (Need sounds so much better than want...get off my back!).

For those of you who don't know, I use Stampin' Up products to handmake all my cards and to do my scrapbooks with but there is soo much more to do. I'll have to take some pictures of Angela's creations next time I see her so ya'll can see everything. It's amazing!

My Christmas cards are coming along mighty nicely though. Can't wait to have them all finished! I think ya'll might just be impressed. :)

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