Halloween 2010: The Year of Gumby

*Disclaimer- there are more pictures than any blog post should ever need. Sorry!*

Our annual Halloween Party was this past Saturday. I finally got the pictures downloaded and thought I would share some of them with you.

Our friend Bryan decided he would be Gumby. He was the life of the party and I would say that 80% of my pictures were of him. He's such a show stealer! :)

First, I'll show you some of the decorations. Our zombie babies were a huge hit.
In addition to the babies, we had the hanging heads.
The ledge inside that some of the babies sat on.

This is the outside at night. I couldn't capture all the lights that were on the house because I have a crappy camera but we had some red & blue lights by the door and the strobe lights in the yard.
I made cupcakes and cookies for the first time! I had some problems with the icing but overall, I'm proud of myself and everyone said they were great!

Finally, here's some pics of people! :)
Scott- The Cool YouTube Guy
My extremely drunk husband and I
Monte and I
Teresa (aka Herbert) and I
Tina (Mother-in-Law) and I
Cody (Younger Brother-in-Law) and I
Cody, his girlfriend, and his friend, Corey
Mother and Father in Law, John and Tina
Gumby (Bryan) and Josh
Again, my husband was very drunk

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  1. Looks like you guys had a fun time! Your costume looked great. I loved the Gumby, that was Kevin's first choice! haha!